Gibb's Farm

Standard room

The standard rooms at Gibb's Farm are very different to the farm cottages .

These are the farm's original rooms, and very little has been done to them over the years. They are set close to the main farmhouse and are much simpler and smaller than the farm cottages. They don't have lovely views of the gardens and are quite dark and characterless when compared to the farm cottages.

The décor and design of these rooms is basic. The white walls are largely bare, save the odd mirror or small painting, and the rust-coloured, stone floor contributes to a feeling of darkness in many of them. A double bed sits on a plain, wooden base, and a few pieces of mis-matching furniture sit on plain woven rugs. There are a couple of chairs, a small desk and a couple of small bedside tables. These rooms lack the light, airy feel of the cottages.

Many of the standard rooms have a small window, which looks onto the next door building or onto the gardens, but the views are really not very note worthy.

These rooms are en-suite – however, as with the bedrooms, the bathrooms are functional and basic. There is a small white shower, a flush toilet and a small, wooden sink unit.

In September 2007 they told us that they're planning on turning all of the remaining 11 standard rooms here into cottages in 2008; it is clear why.

Please note, when we book travellers into Gibb's Farm, we state which type of room we have arranged for them. Most of our trips, including all of our trip ideas, use farm cottages . If you would prefer to stay in a standard room, please make this clear to us.

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