Rubondo Island National Park

Tanzania safari holidays to Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park covers a whole island in Lake Victoria – it’s the largest island park in Africa! Having been uninhabited and rarely visited for decades, it’s an unspoilt destination for Tanzania safari holidays. Explore the dense tropical forests and papyrus swamps here, where sitatunga antelope, elephant, giraffe and wild chimpanzees hide, whereas the waters of the lake are home to crocodile and hippos. There’s also a rich birdlife here. For a contrasting experience, you could combine safari holidays to Rubondo Island National Park with a stay in the Serengeti.

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BBC Wildlife Tanzania Safari

BBC Wildlife Tanzania Safari

| 10 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
A holiday like this is the first prize in the BBC Wildlife / Expert Africa 2013 travel writing competition. Starting in Tanzania’s northern Serengeti at the stunning Sayari Mara Camp, you’ll explore the kopje- strewn landscape for three days. Predators such as ... More about BBC Wildlife Tanzania Safari