Suyan Camp

Safari Tents

The tented rooms at Suyan Camp are spacious and private. One of the first things we noticed when we arrived was the amount of space there was between each tent. Each is situated down a little secluded path facing into the bush, and they are all cleverly angled so that each feels very secluded.

The tents have plenty of room – with a large vestibule area which is really like a lounge. Then the bedroom and en suite bathroom sits behind, through the canvas doors.

This vestibule, or lounge, has a comfortably cushioned brown chaise longue with some scatter cushions and a deck-chair and coffee table. When we were last at Suyan Camp, we really enjoyed relaxing here. The mosquito-mesh walls allowed the breeze to pass through and helped it to stay shady and cool. It was the perfect spot in the heat of the day.

The behind this is the large bedroom – with huge inviting beds, brightly coloured mats on the floor, and white billowing curtains. There is a large wooden trunk at the foot of the bed where you can lock valuables. Then behind the bed are electric lights disguised as traditional storm lanterns.

One of the most noticeable things about the bedrooms is how bright and cool they are. This is no doubt helped by the pale cream colour of the tents, the gauze windows that cover most of the wall space and the light coloured soft furnishings. The over all effect is cool, natural and stylish.

The en suite bathroom is right at the back of Suyan's tent – through white cotton curtains. The en-suite is typical of a semi-permanent camp: the toilet is a compost toilet with a proper seat and the shower is a bucket shower. However the en-suite has a stylized antique feel to it.

The sink is brass and set into a dark wooden table, a brass jug sits next to this and has water for washing in. there is more water in a bucket under the table. The dirty water then runs out through a plug hole. Also on the table is a little brass bowl with flannels and drinking water is provided. The fittings have a distinctly antique look to them.

Next to the sink is a cream canvas wardrobe for storing your clothes. Here you will also find clean towels and bathrobes.

Through a small canvas door is a flush toilet, then through a separate door is a shower area. This is a bucket shower – you can request what time you want hot water and then your tent attendant will bring it to the back of your tent and hoist it up for you. Then all you need to do is turn the tap on – and you can enjoy a nice hot shower. More water is available on request.