Wildlife safaris in Mozambique

Best wildlife safaris in Mozambique

Mozambique is best known for its wonderful beaches and marine life, not its 4WD safaris. There is good reason for this: much of its game was slaughtered during its civil war (which ended in 1992), and most of the wildlife is still recovering. So in many ways, the best wildlife in Mozambique is still found under its waves!

Although Mozambique isn't currently a great choice for terrestrial wildlife, historically some of its national parks were superb. Now the country does offer vast and largely untouched areas, where the remaining wildlife is very 'wild', and very offbeat safaris to these remote areas are becoming possible. So Mozambique still has the potential for some of Africa's best wildlife safaris in the future. Watch this space…

If you are looking for the best wildlife safari in Mozambique, then first consider the 4,000km² of Gorongosa National Park, which offered some of the best wildlife safaris in Africa before the civil war in the 1970s and '80s. In more recent times, restoration projects have supported the park's impressive recovery. There are already good populations of oribi, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, sable, zebra and monkeys - plus some lions and big herds of elephant. The park's rivers, lake and floodplains are home to hippo and crocodile, and some really excellent bird watching.

As a second thought, Niassa Reserve covers a vast 42,000km² beside Mozambique's border with Tanzania - and remains enticing, but is challenging to reach without very large costs.

So Mozambique is currently a specialist safari destination, which we occasionally recommend to old Africa hands. It will appeal to a few wildlife safari addicts, especially those who enjoy their wildlife beneath the ocean as well as on dry land.

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