Chiawa Camp


Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) was established in 1995 as a non-governmental organisation which specialises in promoting the protection of fauna and flora in the Lower Zambezi National Park and in the surrounding Game Management Areas.

Starting with just one employee CLZ initially provided logistical support to NPWS wildlife scouts. They began to expand in 1999 after the Danish Ambassador, Mr Mads Sandau, decided to help fund the organisation. Since 1995 CLZ has become one of Africa's foremost conservation organisations.

They now assist ZAWA (Zambia Wildlife Authority), who are responsible for the management and administration of the National Parks and Game Management Areas in Zambia. Assisting with transport (road and aerial support), patrol rations, radio communications, specialized training, tranquilizing and treating wild animals injured by poachers, CLZ has helped to save numerous animals - in particular wild dog, lion and elephant.

In 2002 the Royal Danish Embassy offered to support a new Environmental Education Centre, which was officially opened in 2005. They hope that by educating people they will make more environmentally-responsible decisions in the future. Their strategy is to sensitize the local people and stimulate enough interest in the community to see the long-term benefits of conservation. According to their latest figures, over 250 teachers, pupils and community members have visited the centre. Their Land-cruiser which is mounted with TV and video has reached almost 6000 pupils in schools.

Our most recent donation to CLZ in January 2014 funded a new television, which will play an enormous part in the environmental education program. Their old television had lasted ten years, visited many schools as part of the outreach program, and was used in camp for school visits. It’s a very powerful tool in getting a message across, and enables CLZ to reach tremendous amounts of adults and children.

In October 2013, Expert Africa’s donation contributed to the purchase of a new boat motor which is essential for wildlife protection patrols and environmental education programmes. Other recent contributions include two high quality digital cameras (along with memory cards) to be used by Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ). One of the cameras will be used to record anti-poaching activities e.g. state of poached carcasses found and evidence of other illegal activities such as meat drying racks and wire snares etc. The other camera will be used by CLZ’s environmental education program to document visits to remote schools promoting conservation awareness in local communities.

Expert Africa also sponsored an “air to ground" radio for CLZ’s anti-poaching surveillance aircraft “9J-CLZ". This means that the pilot will now be able to easily talk to anti-poaching patrol teams on the ground when he is spotting for poaching camps from the skies. This is a vital tool in the fight against illegal killing of precious wildlife in the Lower Zambezi.
Expert Africa is supporting the CLZ's work on an on-going basis; our aim is to help them regularly and consistently with donations for things that they really need.

Photos on the right are taken by Francois d'Elbee.