Sausage Tree Camp

Honeymoon suite

All eight of Sausage Tree's tents are spread out along the banks of the Zambezi river under the shade of mahogany and sausage trees, and evenly spaced to provide as much privacy as possible. Five of these are simpler Signature Tents, two are Honeymoon Suites, and the newest room is the family Kigelia House. All are really very similar, and all are very high quality.

Like the camp's Signature Tents, the two Honeymoon Suites are open at the front, with great views of the Zambezi and are furnished in a similar style. However, the suites are much larger and have a number of features that the Signature Tents don't have.

As you enter the suite, you walk into a small dining area with a table and chairs where you can arrange to have a private dinner. There is also a fridge here with drinks which you can help yourself to. Past this is the bedroom and lounge, which houses a huge four poster bed and a comfy leather couch by a coffee table scattered with interesting books and magazines. In front, the wide wooden shutters open out over your private deck and plunge pool. There are also a few sun-loungers and a day bed which make this a great place to relax.

The hanging space for your clothes, dressing table and the luggage rack are all made out of stone and molded into the wall which partially separates the bedroom from the bathroom. Then in the bathroom you will find twin 'rain' showers, twin sinks, a vast stone bathtub and a flush loo. You also have an additional outside shower!

We really liked these rooms and little touches such as the crystal decanter and glasses with sherry, hot water bottles, the Persian rug and wooden carvings all add together to result in a really luxurious feel.

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