North Luangwa National Park

Lodges & safari camps in North Luangwa National Park

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Mwaleshi Camp

Mwaleshi Camp

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Located in the remote, walking-only area of the North Luangwa National Park, Mwaleshi Camp is a rustic little safari camp. It ...More about Mwaleshi Camp

Excellent  97%
(22 reviews)

Once again, on our 5th visit, this is a wonderful and remote camp. We could sit all day and watch the river action, but it is better to go on a walk of about 4 1/2 hours ... reviews...

Kutandala Camp

Kutandala Camp

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Sadly, Kutandala Camp closed at the beginning of 2012 and is not due to re-open in the foreseeable future. Twenty kilometres ...More about Kutandala Camp

Excellent  100%
(2 reviews)

Again as at Tafika I enjoyed a superb time at Kutandala. The food from Guz was delicious and the guiding from Rod was top class and the company of the other guests made it ... reviews...