Mchanga Beach Lodge

Mchanga Beach Lodge

10 rooms
Traveller's rating
Good (90%) From 35 reviews
1 June to 30 April

Standing in lush gardens on the site of a very basic old beach lodge, the small and simple Mchanga Beach Lodge opened in 2008, having been completely redeveloped by a friendly and engaging German-American couple, Thomas and Gloria Zimmermann. Mchanga is Swahili for ‘sand’ – and at Mchanga Beach Lodge there is certainly no shortage of sand!

Our view of Mchanga Beach Lodge

Mchanga is a low-key lodge run in a good location on a lovely sandy beach. It’s being run with care and considerable attention to detail by Thomas and Gloria, who are a well-travelled couple. They have a clear view of what’s important to them when they travel, and this is reflected in the lodge. For the visitor, it’s a friendly place to relax which gets the basics right: very clean with nice fabrics and good food – it’s unpretentious and excellent value.

Mchanga Beach Lodge: Traveller ratings

Good(90%) From 35 travellers

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