About us

About Expert Africa – company profile

Expert Africa specialises in high-quality, tailor-made trips to selected areas of Southern and East Africa. We are based in the UK, although our travellers come from around the world.

Expert Africa’s background

Our parent company, Sunvil Holidays, has been a tour operator since 1970, and operated for several years before then as Cyprus Property Tours.

Our Africa programme began in 1991, with one of the first programmes to Namibia of any tour operator. In 1994 the current MD, Chris McIntyre, joined and started to steadily expand the programme further into Africa – ensuring that the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in our specialist countries were developed.

In 1995 several of Sunvil Holiday’s more adventurous and tailor-made programmes, including Africa, were gathered together under the umbrella of a new name: Sunvil Discovery.

In 1997 the Africa programme was split off into a separate daughter-company (called Discovery Worldwide Ltd.) from Sunvil Holidays. Following on from this, in 1998 we produced our first stand-alone brochure, under the name of Sunvil Discovery Africa. In 2002 we dropped the ‘Discovery’ from the name, to work under the shorter, easier name Sunvil Africa; nothing else changed and we continued our slow expansion.

In December 2005, we changed our trading name again, this time more radically, to Expert Africa – to better reflect what we do, how we go about doing it, and the high level of expertise in our team. Nothing else about the company changed. Every one of our team has lived, worked and/or travelled very extensively in Africa and all have grown to love it.

Our management, team, shareholding and everything else about us remained the same during this change of name. We remain a proud part of the Sunvil family of travel companies – which is one of the UK’s few owner-run, independent tour operators.

In 2007 we launched a Wild about Africa programme, which offers guided small-group adventures in Namibia and Botswana – countries where our expertise was already very strong. This has since expanded into Zambia and Tanzania – bringing a different style of small-group trips to countries and areas that we know exceedingly well.

Comparing Expert Africa with the competition

Buying a trip which is sold on one invoice, from one fully-bonded tour operator, like Expert Africa, is the best way of protecting yourself against the unexpected. See our full detail of our bonding & guarantee here.

Travel companies, including airlines, often go out of business. If you book something other than the full package, then should one element be cancelled you will be in a tricky situation – potentially substantially out of pocket, as one element of your trip (like a flight) fails, whilst you still have to pay in full for the other parts that you have booked.

For a guarantee of 100% financial protection – you need to book your whole trip with one fully-bonded tour operator, like Expert Africa. If you wish to consider the competition, then check their bonding carefully:

a) If you are planning to book a full package, then check out the company’s credentials on the CAA’s website.

b) If you are not planning to book a full package, then ask how your money is protected? Some won’t understand, and others will claim that their ATOL covers it. (In fact, an ATOL bond cannot protect such trips.) Beware of either response; neither company will have proper protection.

c) Look for AITO membership to guarantee a very high level of protection.