Beach holidays in Namibia

Beach Holidays in Namibia

We don't offer conventional beach holidays in Namibia; Namibia's beaches aren't relaxing to lounge on. The water is bitterly cold, and the beach air is often chilly, and even foggy, but don't be deceived: this is a very special environment for wildlife…

A cold ocean current, the Benguela Current, flows north from Antarctica in the Atlantic beside Namibia. This means that the water off the Namibian coast is never warm enough for a swim, and often chills the air. The meeting of the chilled, moist air from the ocean and the warm, dry air from the land often causes fog to form along the coast - especially in the mornings, and this can drift up to 60km inland.

It's this fog which sustains the Namib Desert's amazing wildlife, and which originally caused so many shipwrecks and past tragedies. Now the Skeleton Coast of Namibia is a beautiful place to discover, as well as being a superb spot for anglers with great fishing opportunities. Just don't come to Namibia for a beach holiday!

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