Congo gorilla safaris

The Congo gorilla safari below, featuring Odzala National Park, is the only trip that we offer to the Republic of Congo. This is based on a ‘set’ safari which is unusual for Expert Africa – there are few ways in which we can tailor-make or alter this trip. On the ground, the camps are run a reliable safari operation with whom we have worked for many years; this is currently the only safari to the Congo that we are confident to recommend.

Before two of our team went out to Congo, we looked hard for other good options for safaris, and particularly for gorilla safaris. We found nothing else that was close to the standards that our travellers expect; clearly safari tourism to the Republic of Congo is in its early stages.

Looking at this trip … be aware that elements of this safari are more challenging and adventurous than many of our usual Africa travellers will be used to.

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