Diani Blue

Diani Blue

6 rooms
Traveller's rating
Excellent (94%) From 7 reviews
mid-June to mid-May

Diani Blue, formerly Asha Cottage, is a small, owner-managed, guesthouse with just six rooms, all of which face onto the small, landscaped pool area. It concentrates on providing a very personal, low-key service to guests who actively want to avoid large resort hotels but still want to be in the heart of Diani Beach.

Our view of Diani Blue

With 22 staff – almost two per guest – Diani Blue achieves high levels of personal attention, offset by relatively modest accommodation and meals. We really admire its work in the community, the investment in its staff, and its supply chain and environmental ethics. One of the most appealing and personable properties on Diani Beach, guests will feel most at home if they are solos or couples. However, its affordability, size and appeal to the local market mean that it needs to be booked well in advance.

Diani Blue: Traveller ratings

Excellent(94%) From 7 travellers

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