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African Hawk-eagle Fly-in Safari

African Hawk-eagle Fly-in Safari

| 11 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
Covering three contrasting regions of Kenya – two in the north and one in the southwest – this unforgettable 12-night safari starts with three days at the world-famous Lewa Wildlife Conservancy , north of Mount Kenya, where you can ride as well as walk and do ... More about African Hawk-eagle Fly-in Safari
Tawny Eagle Fly-in Safari

Tawny Eagle Fly-in Safari

| 7 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
The extraordinary range of landscape and environment are one of Kenya’s hallmarks. This exciting, 8-night safari takes you from northern Kenya’s remote Lekurruki Community Ranch, with its gaunt cliffs and forests, to the lush woods and grasslands of the Siana Group Ranch... More about Tawny Eagle Fly-in Safari