Gabar Goshawk Fly-in Safari

Gabar Goshawk Fly-in Safari

If you’re interested as much in Kenya’s people as its wildlife and landscapes, then this unusual, 9-night safari might be just what you’re looking for. Your trip starts in the community-run Il Ngwesi Conservancy in Laikipia and then goes on to Maasai Mara’s Olare Motorogi Conservancy where the local community works with conservationists to protect the wildlife and habitat. You then move south-east to the plains beneath Kilimanjaro and the community-owned Selenkay Conservancy in the Amboseli ecosystem.

To experience the great migration when you're in the Maasai Mara, take this safari between late July and the beginning of October. Huge herds of migratory wildebeest seeking pasture roam the plains at this time.

After a safari, many travellers want to relax on the beach on the Kenya coast. It's easy to add one of our beach add-on trips to your itinerary.

Stays at:
3 nights Il Ngwesi Eco-Lodge – Laikipia, Kenya
3 nights Porini Lion Camp – Maasai Mara Conservancies, Kenya
3 nights Porini Amboseli Camp – Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills, Kenya


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