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We believe that to get the best from a trip to Africa, you need impartial advice from people who know Africa well, have actually been to the places where you are thinking of travelling and can advise you from first-hand experience – like our team!

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With a South African mother, Ellie Walkingshaw's (née Dunkels) family holidays were often based around visiting relatives in Johannesburg and Durban. Then at 16 she went on a family trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana – as her first experience of wild Africa, it still remains one of her most memorable.

With an established passion for the continent, in 2002 Ellie decided to take a year out before university in order to travel East and Southern Africa. She began a four-month stint of volunteer work on Pemba Island in Tanzania, primarily scuba diving with a marine conservation project. After this, Ellie backpacked for five months, travelling from Dar es Salaam, down through Southern Africa to Cape Town and back, before returning home.

After completing a three year degree in History at Newcastle University, Ellie was drawn back to East Africa and flew out to Kenya to travel for a further eight months. During this time she volunteered at an orphanage in Kisumu in Kenya, and then proceeded to travel through Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda.

When she returned to England in August 2006 she joined the Expert Africa team to specialise in Tanzania and has now been here for over eight years. In her first three years she visited all of the areas in Tanzania that we feature and so became a full specialist in that area. Next she went on to research northern Mozambique and so added that to her expert knowledge. In the years following she spent six weeks visiting everything we have in our Zambia programme, spent time in Mozambique and extended our programme to include the Nampula Province, and also thoroughly researched Rwanda. Most recently, she has been working alongside Richard to develop Kenya - the newest destination in our portfolio.