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TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge formerly Tsumkwe Country Lodge is situated on the edge of the tiny settlement of Tsumkwe, about 226km from the tarred road north of Grootfontein. No-one form the Expert Africa team has visited the lodge since it was taken over by The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN).

As some of our regular travellers may remember, the old Tsumkwe Lodge (another previous incarnation of this lodge) was owned and run for years by Arno and Estelle Oosthuysen. Using Tsumkwe Lodge as a base, they offered the chance to visit with and learn about the Ju/'hoansi Bushmen in a sensitive and enlightening way. For the past several years Arno and Estelle have been working closely with //Nhoq'ma Village and their small camp there – Nhoma Camp – north of Tsumkwe.

In early 2008 they sold Tsumkwe Lodge to the 'Namibia Country Lodges' group and moved their base to Nhoma Camp permanently.

Since then the lodge has once again changed hands to become TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge. The lodge has 25 twin units and one double bed unit, all with en-suite shower, flush toilet and veranda in front of each unit. It is a useful base camp for a safari to outlying bush camps in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.

It is recommended that you spend a minimum two-days here where we understand that invariably your first day is spent exploring the wildlife areas of the conservancy, whilst the second day will be spent interacting with the Bushmen.

However … until we have chance to see for ourselves the experience that the lodge is offering, and how they're working with Bushmen in the area – we recommend quite strongly that our visitors consider heading for Nhoma Camp.


Location: Bushmanland, Namibia

Accessible by: Self-drive

Key personnel

Owner: The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN)


Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

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