Desert Horse Inn

Farmhouse room

The Desert Horse Inn has four old rooms which are part of its original main farm house building. Ach of these is named after the four highest mountains on the 51,000 hectares Godwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park: namely Dikke Willem, Gurab, Koichab and Dik Miena.

Each of these rooms has twin beds with bedside tables and lamps. The interior walls are painted in two colors – typically a rich Kalahari red and an eggy yellow. This makes the interior feel cool and light.

Leading off to the en suite bathroom is a small hallway with a table and chair. Where guests can make tea /coffee.

The rooms all open out onto a shared garden and sitting area, which is well shaded by a large leafy tree. It is quite small but well kept, with a gravel floor, wooden tables and canvas chairs to sit around.

The ensuite bathrooms are spacious and spotlessly clean. There is a large free-standing bath under the window and a flush toilet next to it. There is also a glass shower cubicle in the far corner.

The bathrooms have lots of built-in cupboard space and liquid soap dispensers and bath towels are provided.

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