Sossus Dune Lodge


Each chalet at Sossus Dune Lodge has orange/yellow canvas walls around a wooden frame, topped by a thatched roof. These are very loosely modelled on the style of traditional Ovambo homes, as found in the northern parts of Namibia. The large chalets are well appointed with glazed windows opening onto a large veranda with two chairs and a table. That said, for most of the day it's often too hot to sit outside!

Furniture is very African: leather and dark wood, plus some artistically designed suede loungers and brightly coloured mosquito nets. It's all quite fun and modern, with plenty of space.

The front of each chalet at Sossus Dune Lodge is floor-to-ceiling glass, supported by wooden frames – which give wonderful views of the surrounding desert. There are free-standing fans at the moment and the upper windows open from the bottom outwards, but air conditioning is planned for the future.

Big en-suite bathrooms have open showers, separate toilets, beautiful twin basins, nice big towels and dressing gowns. There are great views from the bathroom window.

Each room has two large, comfortable loungers that you can take outside. There is a minibar with complimentary water and a tea/coffee station.