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Choose a lodge, or an area, from a list – use this if you know its name. Search for a place or lodge now.

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Tell us about special interests which suits you, and we'll suggest specific lodges, camps, resorts or hotels that match. Search for places to suit you now.

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Tell us what countries interest you, about your budget and how long you want to travel, and about any special interests – we’ll then make suggestions for holidays and safaris, with itineraries and full costs, to suit you. This is a great tool for getting ideas of trips – and it includes not only Expert Africa’s trips, but also small-group trips from Wild about Africa. Search for trips now.

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This searches the whole Expert Africa website for keywords. It’s a very powerful search, which often returns many results – it’s perfect for obscure names & other terms, but can be confusing if used for common words. Search for keywords now.

Despite some of the best brains in the world of computing, these searches still don't come close to the knowledge of our experts. So to get the best ideas, call us or send us an email.