Chole Mjini Lodge

No1 - Tree-house

Tree house 1 at Chole Mjini is known as 'Moja'. It is quite well hidden (especially after the rains) high up in the canopy of a huge and ancient baobab tree. (The baobab trees on Chole Island are very unusual, in that they often grow at the water's edge and beside the beach – almost competing with the natural mangrove vegetation.)

Moja is the only tree house at Chole Mjini that is on a single level, and is the only one which has just one double bed (most also have singles).

Jean, the founder of Chole Mjini, comments that this tree house is a great favourite with guests because of the views over the mangroves to Kinasi Pass. The spacious deck that wraps around the tree allows the 'closest' nature experience of all the houses– and can be enchanting at night when lit by fireflies.

Visitors staying in this tree house often share the tree with other inhabitants: nesting fish eagles or kites. All too often, the young chicks throw fish and 'reptile' heads down at the guests on the deck below!

The shower is in a bamboo thicket and is particularly special, but Jean considers that the toilet – one of three built for a 'tented camp' that was originally planned here – is small and a little cramped – though it functions and doesn't smell unpleasant. Jean also comments that the light inside is insufficient to read by!

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