Chole Mjini Lodge

No5 - Tree-house

Tree house 5, 'Tano', is the second of the 'tea-house' tree houses, with sweeping views of Chole Bay and delicious breezes. But instead of being closely associated only with a tree, it is set in the midst of the ruins of a large 19th-century house which dates to when Chole Mjini (Chole City) was a bustling port trading between the Shirazi Sultanate of Kiwa and the Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar. The walls of the ruins are held together by the entwined roots of a giant marula fig tree whose fruit is a favourite with the giant Comores fruit bats that inhabit Chole Island. These beautiful and very intelligent 'flying foxes', with their fox-like facial features and russet back fur, are fascinating to watch. Jean was told by a former Miss Universe, who had stayed there for just one night, that Tano has 'too much nature'

The shower is built into a remnant of ruin and has space for an entire football team. The toilet is new, bright and breezy.

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