Chole Mjini Lodge

No6 - Ground-house

The ground house at Chole Mjini, known as 'Sita', was built to cater for families with small children, and/or for anyone afraid of a tree house, and/or anyone who absolutely requires a flush toilet. It has the only flushing toilet on the whole island!

Sita is very large and on three levels, with a throne-like double bed at the top, two Zanzibari beds on the next level, and a day bed on the porch another few steps lower.

It has a sunken, mosaic bath (the size of some lodges' small plunge-pools, and effectively a 'micro' swimming pool for small children), a shower, and – of course – that en-suite toilet.

The ground house is open to large gardens on either side, leading to the mangroves. Although it is the closest house to the bar and restaurant it is still totally private thanks to strategically planted hedges and wall-to-roof curtains.

Jean and Anne spent three month in the ground house, while their own house at Chole Mjini was being extended, and they were very reluctant to move out. Jean thinks it is just perfect for a young family.

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