Rubondo Island National Park

1 great activities, day-trips & excursions whilst you're staying in Rubondo Island National Park

Many of the places that we feature in Africa include a full range of activities, but sometimes optional extras are possible – day-trips and excursions which are worth adding into your stay and are best arranged before you go.

Talk to us about anything which interests you before you finalise your trip with us. Meanwhile, a few of the possibilities in Rubondo Island National Park are noted below; we hope they help to give you inspiration:

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Chimpanzee habituation experience

Chimpanzee habituation experience

Half to full day

A chance to catch a glimpse of a unique group of chimpanzees that are in the process of being habituated on Rubondo Island. Trek, in search of these remarkably human-like creatures, follow their calls, and with luck spend some time watching them in their natural environment. More about Chimpanzee experience

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