Kiba Point

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This table shows a live guide to the availability at Kiba Point.
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This data for Kiba Point is updated several times per day. Confirm this by checking the date on the right.

Note that of our availability displays are often ‘capped’ – eg they show a maximum of just a few of these rooms as free, even when more are available. The Expert Africa team can usually see more detail than this. For you to see the most detailed availability information for Kiba Point, log in to our website now, and re-visit this page.

The key to these squares is:

This night these rooms are full or unavailable.
This night needs looking into further. Talk to us.
There is at least one room avalable.


There are two rooms available.


There are two rooms available; plus provisional bookings may be held.
We have no information about availability for this room on this night,

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