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Sand Rivers fly-camping: Our full report

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If you're staying at Sand Rivers Camp then it's easy for us to pre-arrange for you to have a night or two fly-camping from there for travellers who are after a bit of adventure out in the bush.

When fly-camping you'll set off with your guide and a vehicle in the afternoon, usually mixing driving with walking. Around dusk you'll arrive at your fly-camp, often in a dry, sandy riverbed. It will be set up in advance by the camp's team, with a fire, hot water for showers and cold drinks at the ready. Dinner is cooked on the fire – the quality will still be the same excellent standard you’d expect from the main camp.

Later you'll retire to your comfortable bedroll under a mosquito net frame, and your armed guide will be positioned close by keeping watch. The team also bring a dome tent, in case anyone feels nervous. Once your eyes adapt to the dark, you’ll be amazed at what a thrilling experience sleeping under the stars is, and how attuned you become to the smallest sounds and movements around you. The following morning, after breakfast, the Sand Rivers team often includes a refreshing visit to the hot springs.

Our view

We can’t recommend fly camping highly enough – especially at Sand Rivers, where the simple mosquito net “tents" mean that you get even closer to the surrounding environments. If you're still unsure exactly what fly-camping is all about, then visit the main page for Selous Game Reserve where you will find more details. Or just call and ask us. It isn’t for everyone – so do chat it through with us first.


Location: Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Ideal length of stay: 1 or 2 nights maximum - as part of a safari to Sand Rivers

Accessible by: Fly-and-Transfer

Food & drink

Usual board basis: Full Board

Dining style: Group Meals

Dining locations: Outdoor Dining

Cost of meal e.g. lunch: Included

Special interests

Birdwatching: Selous is a great area for birdwatching in Tanzania - and these fly-camps deep in the bush, combined with walks around the fly-camp area, allow you to really experience the Selous and get to know the birdlife there.

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Walking safaris: Sand Rivers fly-camps usually include time spent walking as well as driving, and the guides here are first-rate - walking safaris are one of the camp's specialities.

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Wildlife safaris: Selous is an excellent game reserve, and these walks offer a great chance to explore - and covering the ground on foot, and fly-camping out, is a superb way to really experience the Selous.

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Power supply: None

Communications: For all intents and purposes you should consider yourself out of contact, though there is radio contact with the main camp for emergencies.

Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Dangerous animals: High Risk


Disabled access: Not Possible

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