Olakira Mara - Ndutu Camp

Safari Tents

The rooms at Olakira Camp are large walk-in tents - they are cool and comfortable with plenty of space.

In front of the tents is a shaded verandah, where you can sit is a comfortable directors chair and look out into the bush.

Inside Olakira's tents – you will find a large comfortable bed, storage space for your clothes, bed side lamps and an en suite bathroom. The rooms can be made into twins or triples, and there’s one family tent that sleeps six.

The floors are covered with woven rugs, and the beds have beautifully patterned bedspreads on them. The soft furnishings are neutral colours and help to give these tents a simple, rustic understated style. They are comfortable and quite stylish, but remain very practical as well.

The large gauze windows with canvas flaps can be left down to let the cool breezes in, or closed entirely for increased privacy. When we were last at Olakira, we left one of the canvas flaps down and were lucky enough to see a hyena stroll past the tent in the middle of the night. Completely unaware of our presence, we were able to watch him in close proximity which was very exciting.

The one issue Olakira Camp had with its tents was their proximity to each other – they were quite close together. We mentioned this to the team when we were there and were assured that this would be resolved.

The en-suite bathrooms in Okakira's tents are set behind a dividing canvas wall. Here you will find a brass sink set into a wooden surface. A brass jug filled with clean water for washing sits next to the sink, and there is more clean water stored under the sink. The excess water goes out through the plug hole in the sink.

The Olakira team are all male, and the washing is done by hand; so for cultural reasons they will not wash ladies underwear. Hence there is washing soap next to the sink, where ladies can wash their underwear themselves.

Through a further dividing canvas wall is a toilet and then separate shower. These both have canvas doors that can be zipped up for complete privacy.

The shower is a bucket shower – hot water is brought to you on request and is hoisted up above the tent in a bucket for you. You can then turn on the shower and it will have hot water.