Serengeti Walking Mobile Camp

Walking Mobile Camp

Each Serengeti Walking Mobile Camp accommodates guests in simple canvas dome tents. These are usually 2.5m x 2.5m with windows on three sides and a zip-up door to the front. The tents each have two thick mattresses on the floor fitted with sheets, duvets, pillows and a blanket. A small box forms the bedside table and holds a bottle of mineral water and a solar-charged reading lantern. Sewn in above the door is a discreet battery-operated light pack with a switch that's easily accessible as you enter the tent. A canvas 'bathroom cupboard', resembling a wash bag, hangs from the ceiling and comes with a spare bar of soap and roll of toilet paper.

Thick netting is pegged down outside each tent creating a porch which is covered by a canvas awning. Camp chairs are set up here to allow guests to relax with a book and enjoy the view between walking activities. Nearby, a canvas washbasin suspended from a wooden frame is regularly replenished with fresh water – warm in the mornings and cool in the afternoons. A second canvas 'bathroom cupboard' fitted with a small mirror hangs on an outside tent pole.

At the heart of each mobile camp is a mess tent which has one open side. The tent is set up to provide shade and sheltered dining when it's needed and to store readily available drinking water and cool drinks. Breakfast and dinner are often enjoyed by the nearby camp fire which is also usually the location for pre-dinner drinks. Lunch is often set out under a shady tree and at night, the camp is lit by paraffin lanterns hung on metal stakes.

Each mobile camp has at least one large bathroom tent with two compartments and with thick netting pegged down to create a floor. One side encloses a bucket shower overhanging a wooden shower mat. The bucket is filled with warm water on request and at any time of the day. The other side encloses a wooden box with a 'proper' toilet seat sitting over a short drop. Toilet paper is supplied and the toilet is 'flushed' with small buckets of dirt. The bathroom tent is shared by the group. If your group numbers more than six people, a second bathroom tent will be set up.