Ras Kutani


The four suites at Ras Kutani are very luxurious yet stylishly minimal, making them light and airy, and lovely to be in. Raised high up on a hill behind the Lagoon and Beach cottages, they also command spectacular views of the sea.

Each suite is a very large white-washed cottage with a thatched roof and large mosquito-screen windows. In the middle of the main bedroom (approximately 7 metres x 6 metres, around 450 sq ft) sits an enormous bed draped in very effective mosquito netting, with crisp white bed sheets teamed with a colourful throw. Though the cottages don’t have air conditioning or a fan, their openness allows the breeze to pass through so that they stay delightfully cool. Each cottage has a mini bar fridge. They also each have also a private plunge pool on the veranda.

The en-suite bathrooms (approximately 3 metres x 3 metres or 100 sq ft) are set through a door to one side. These, too, are spacious, and include double wash basins, a flush toilet and a good shower. Whitewashed walls, cream tiled floors and billowing white curtains give the bathrooms the same crisp minimalist feel as the rooms.

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