Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Thor & Deb from Vancouver

Our retirement trip

On this trip, I visited Rwanda & Tanzania between 7-Sep-2015 and 8-Oct-2015 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


It was absolutely a fabulous trip. We are seasoned off-the-beaten-track travellers and I absolutely marvel that everything, everything, worked exactly as it was supposed to. Here we were, in the middle of central Tanzania, waiting for a 10:05 flight. Guess what? At 10:03, there was the plane, buzzing animals off the grass runway, then touching down to pick us up. It happened every time.

How do they manage to have tonic, gin, lime, glasses, ice, and potato chips in Katavi? It must be a logistical nightmare--but there was my gin and tonic, always perfectly served. Dazzling!

We felt safe, treated so well by enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring staff throughout..... And then there were the animals. We never saw a rhine, because they have been poached to virtual extinction in East Africa, but we saw most everything else, and up close and personal. Having a leopard on your tent porch is not something I will soon forget.

A word of caution: Mother Nature can be entirely unsentimental. We watched two lionesses kill a baby giraffe as the helpless adult giraffes watched. This was not easy...... but it is what happens out there. This is not Disneyland.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Inside Afrika Boutique
7-Sep-2015 review: reasonable small hotel in good location.
Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Rwanda
8-Sep-2015 review: Did what it was supposed to do.
Inside Afrika Boutique
11-Sep-2015 review: Inside Afrika Boutique review
Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp, Tanzania
12-Sep-2015 review: Of boy, here we go.....
Chada Camp, Tanzania
16-Sep-2015 review: One word: Esprit de corps
Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania
20-Sep-2015 review: Unique.... The best.....
Kigelia Camp, Tanzania
23-Sep-2015 review: Excellent--not quite up to Nomad standards
Lake Manze Adventure Camp, Tanzania
26-Sep-2015 review: Good camp. Not of Nomad calibre, but good.
Pole Pole, Tanzania
29-Sep-2015 review: I widh I were back there, right now....