Black Lechwe Safari

Black Lechwe Safari

This safari visits three of northern Zambia's wildlife areas, seeking the rarer species like the swamp-dwelling sitatunga antelope in Kasanka and the prehistoric shoebill in the Bangweulu Wetlands before a brief stop in South Luangwa ; these 9 nights in Zambia are really designed for 'Old Africa hands' and serious bird-watchers – it is not a suitable safari for most first-time visitors.

Both Kasaka and Bangweulu can be visited earlier in the year – when shoebill sightings are often better - making this a perfect trip to experience Zambia's Emerald Season. Zambia's weather is generally fine and dry from May to October.

Stays at:
2 nights Wasa Lodge – Northern Zambia, Zambia
2 nights Luwombwa Lodge – Northern Zambia, Zambia
3 nights Shoebill Island Camp – Northern Zambia, Zambia
2 nights Flatdogs Camp – South Luangwa National Park, Zambia


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