Beach areas & islands to visit in Zanzibar

Like most of Zanzibar, the East Coast is a relaxed, laid-back and mostly rural place

East Coast Zanzibar

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The East Coast of Zanzibar is lined with powder-white beaches which look out towards a long barrier reef, about a kilometre offshore. Inland there's a coastal strip of coconut palms within which there are small fishing villages and a variety of places to stay.
The Michamvi Peninsula of Zanzibar is lined by a very large, long powder-white beach.

Michamvi Peninsula

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In the southeast corner of Zanzibar, the Michamvi Peninsula is very similar to the rest of the East Coast; the same powder-white stunning beaches, barrier reef, palm trees and a significant tidal change.
Northern Zanzibar offers beautiful white-sand beaches...

Northern Zanzibar

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A few hours drive from Stone Town, the village of Nungwi is a bustling backpacker centre with white beaches, a small turtle sanctuary and many lively places to stay, eat and drink. To its west, Kendwa has more golden sand, and a more relaxed atmosphere.
Southern Zanzibar not so well known, and is the quietest area of Zanzibar Island

South-west Zanzibar

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The South-West is probably the most relaxed and friendly corner of Zanzibar, but it had seen very few visitors until Fumba Beach Lodge opened its doors recently. As well as relaxing on the beach, you can arrange diving and trips to explore the nearby lagoons and islands.
Night time at the food market is one of Zanzibar's iconic experiences.

Stone Town

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Stone Town is unique; a mix of African, European and Arabic influences. Visit for a day or two and you'll find labyrinths of narrow alleys leading to palaces, mosques and old Arab houses, and the markets where determined Zanzibaris haggle over fragrant spices, exotic fruit and enormous fish.
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