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Zanzibar day-trips

Remember that there are many possible day-trips on Zanzibar, the majority of which are most easily reached from Stone Town. Our team on the ground can help you to organise these.

The most popular are perhaps the classic Spice Tours. Spices are integral to Zanzibari life providing food, remedies, dyes and income. One of the popular local tours is a 'spice tour', which takes a few hours and costs about US$20 each. On such a trip you'll be guided around a plantation to pick leaves, pods and twigs, and discover how many of our common spices grow, including cinnamon, pepper, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger and turmeric.

There are also options for visits to the giant tortoises of Prison Island, and the endemic red colobus monkeys of Jozani Forest.

However, if you want an original and very authentic experience, then ask us about a day-trip to Ufufuma Forest. We're helping a small community with a forest conservation project, and to start learning about tourism for the first time. No two trips here are the same, but you may spot some wild Kirk's colobus monkeys, and perhaps consult with a local 'witchdoctor'. These aren't staged: you'll be treated as an individual, and because they are so new, they're both fascinating and unpredictable.

Ask us about including one or more of these day-trips into your trip to Zanzibar when you discuss it with us.