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Zanzibar day-trips

Remember that there are many possible day-trips on Zanzibar, the majority of which are most easily reached from Stone Town. Our team on the ground can help you to organise these. We've listed some of our favourite below.

Life in Stone Town Tour

Over the centuries, Zanzibar has absorbed many influences and nowhere is this clearer than in Stone Town. Take a wander through its maze of alleyways with an erudite and fascinating Zanzibari resident, interacting with the locals and marveling at its fusion of foods, music and unique architecture.

The Details

Our Stone Town tours are really about exploring this UNESCO World heritage site with a knowledgeable, and often locally well-known, Zanzibari guide and spending time focusing on the aspects that interest you most.

On a typical trip you may start off by visiting the old dispensary to learn about traditional remedies created from the local fauna and flora. From here you may then walk over to Stone Town's cathedral where you can see the slave pits and discover Zanzibar's role in the slave trade. After this you may wonder through the narrow winding streets to the ruins of the old fort, located on Stone Town's waterfront and built on the ruins of a Portuguese church. Whilst down by the waterfront you may head over to see the House of Wonders which was the first building in Zanzibar to have electricity. You might then go on to experience market where you will have the opportunity to taste freshly picked fruit and savor the smells of rich spices, such as cinnamon and saffron. From here you can go to watch local craftsmen at work, who may be creating Zanzibari chests or restoring Stone Town's famous carved wooden doors. Share Arabic style tea or coffee with the locals and learn about the roles of men and women in Zanzibari society; hear about challenges of living within a Zanzibari community, and the traditions that continue to shape it today.

Start time and location: Most tours start at 09:00. Because every element of the excursion is designed around you it is possible to start later in the morning, or even the afternoon if you wished.

Duration of excursion: The Life in Stone Town tour typically lasts around two hours, but this can be flexible.

End location: The tour will end at your hotel, however there is also the (highly recommended) option to end with a local family, enjoying a home-cooked Zanzibari meal.

Max people on tour: Each guide can take a maximum of six people per tour. This is a private tour, and will be booked exclusively for your party.

Your Guide

The hand-picked guides that we work with are, we believe, Stone Town's best and are able to give real insights into the island's history and peoples on many different levels. They were all born and brought up in Zanzibar, and live in the Stone Town community themselves, and so are uniquely placed to help you interact with its people and culture.

Two of our key guides in Stone Town are:

Anjam was born and raised in Stone Town, and grew up within a typical Zanzibari family. After leaving school he moved to Greece, giving him the opportunity to travel the world. He later returned to Zanzibar, and now lives in Stone Town with his wife Mariam and two children Zahra and Mussawir. Here his favourite past times are eating his wife's delicious cooking and sharing a coffee with his neighbours.

Anjam has 20 years of experience in guiding, and is known for his sharp sense of humour. We found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and personable, and his passion for Stone Town was infectious. He is very well spoken, gave us a real insight in to the history and culture of the area.

Rajab was originally born in Jambiani on the east coast of Zanzibar, later moving to Stone Town with his family; today he lives just outside Stone Town with his wife and child. Rajab has studied psychology, and in his spare time he is involved in his NGO where one of the focuses is to teach the local children to swim. He has a wide general knowledge, however his specific interests are birds and nature.

Rajab has worked as a guide for ten years, and has immaculate English. He is softly spoken, highly reliable and a pleasure to work with.