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Zanzibar day-trips

Remember that there are many possible day-trips on Zanzibar, the majority of which are most easily reached from Stone Town. Our team on the ground can help you to organise these. We've listed some of our favourite below.

Stone Town Discovery Tour

For centuries, Zanzibar has been shaped by ideals, influences and rulers from far overseas, each adding to its fusion character – and nowhere is this clearer than in Stone Town. Gaining an understanding of these myriad cultural forces can be challenging, but doing so is thoroughly worthwhile. Take a wander through Stone Town’s maze of alleyways with an erudite Zanzibari resident, meeting with the locals, marvelling at its fusion of architecture and cultures, learning about the food, music, beliefs and everyday life, for an utterly fascinating experience.

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Princess Salme Spice Tour

Discover the captivating story of the smart and rebellious Princess Sayyida Salme, the youngest daughter of Sultan Said. Born a Zanzibari princess in 1844, she was a remarkable woman for her time: she taught herself to write, had a clandestine love affair with a German merchant, eloped to Europe when pregnant, and even converted to Christianity. Her life was full of colour, secrets and adventure. Join a knowledgeable local guide to follow in her footsteps through palaces and plantations, and gain an insight into her incredible life, as well as the fascinating Zanzibar spice trade on a working plantation.

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Swahili Cooking Workshop

Zanzibar’s cuisine and culinary influences are as exotic as the island itself: a literal melting pot of flavours from Portugal, the Middle East and India. The tasty fusion food is made rich with the freshly picked herbs and spices which gave Zanzibar its ‘Spice Island’ moniker. This genuinely authentic culinary workshop will take you to the heart of the spice farm region, teach you how to select and blend an array of spices, create souvenir blends, and guide you through cooking a traditional Swahili meal.

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Your Guide

The hand-picked guides that we work with are, we believe, Zanzibar’s best and are able to give real insights into the island’s history and people on many different levels. They were all born and brought up on the islands of Zanzibar or Pemba, and either live within the Stone Town community or the surrounding area. They are uniquely placed to help you interact with Zanzibar's residents and understand its culture, both modern and ancient.

Three of our key guides in Zanzibar are:

Anjam was born and raised in Stone Town, and grew up within a typical Zanzibari family. After leaving school he moved to Greece, giving him the opportunity to travel the world, before returning to Stone Town, where he now lives with his wife Mariam and two children, Zahra and Mussawir. His favourite past times are watching football and sharing a coffee with his neighbours.

Anjam has 20 years guiding experience, and is well-known and loved for his infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour. We found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and personable, and his passion for Stone Town was just great. He is very well spoken, gives real insight in to the history and culture of the area, and thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge.

Rajab was originally born in Jambiani on the east coast of Zanzibar, later moving to Stone Town with his family; today he lives just outside Stone Town with his wife and child. Rajab has studied psychology, and in his spare time he is involved in his NGO which, among many things, teaches the local children to swim. He has a wide general knowledge, however his specific interests are birds and nature.

Rajab has worked as a guide for ten years, and has immaculate English. He is softly spoken, highly reliable and a pleasure to spend time with.

Murtala specialises in guiding spice tours and hosting Swahili cooking workshops. He is originally from the island of Pemba, and has been dealing with farming spice farming and guiding spice tours for over 10 years. Murtala and his wife Khamisi love what they do; they are natural hosts with a true passion for cooking and spices.