Kikadini Villas

Villa Kikadini

On our last visit to Kikadini, we were invited for dinner at Villa Kikadini itself, but didn't stay in this villa, or have a lot of time to look around (it was always occupied!). It's similar in size to Villa Palm.

It's the most southerly of the villas, with a two-storey curved white front and high thatched roof. In front of the villa is a large patio overlooking the ocean, containing a particularly lovely, full-size swinging, shaded day-bed.

On the first-floor, at the front, is a small terrace with views over the ocean that is often a favourite for sun-downer drinks.

There are two beachfront rooms, which are very large, en-suite double rooms. Both face the sea and these are perfect for two couples travelling together. There's also a smaller bedroom, the giraffe room, which has its own bathroom next-door; this is a luxurious spot for older children.

Expect high-quality rooms with highly-polished floors, dotted with large pieces of original furniture and original art on the walls. The bathrooms have gleaming brass wash-basins and showers, moulded stone showers and flush toilets.

At the heart of this villa is a large, enclosed courtyard-patio – where a couple of loungers make a perfect spot for private sunbathing. The courtyard is often used as a venue for dinner also, although an enclosed private garden at the back makes an excellent alternative.

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