Kikadini Villas

Villa Pwani

Villa Pwani stands between Villa Palm and Villa Maroc, in the middle of Kikadini's plot beside the ocean, and is the only one of the villas to be single-storey … although it does have a spectacular roof terrace.

The villa is built around a courtyard, surrounded by cloisters. Decorated with large original paintings of this island, the owners' fascination for Arabic design shines through in the architecture and furnishings here – from curving Arabic arches, to authentic lamps, Persian-style rugs and appropriate furniture.

Villa Pwani has two double beachfront rooms, each of which has a huge king-size double bed with a ceiling fan directly over it, cushioned chairs and stylish furniture.

The en-suite bathrooms all feel very solid and cool – complete with a large moulded stone shower, a sparkling brass sink and a modern flush toilet. Wide double French-doors lead out from each room onto a large private balcony with sun-loungers, directly overlooking the ocean. It's probably 35m to the ocean at high tide.

The second floor of Villa Pwani consists of a roof-top terrace, with shaded dining space, a lounge area and an open-air bath.

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