Robinson's Place

House Bodeni

House Bondeni means 'house in the corner' and the house does literally sit in the corner as you enter Robinsons Place. It is a lovely, airy, 'L'-shaped room with two double beds each with mosquito nets, and a little table with a chair by the door. The room has white walls, brightly-coloured curtains, woven palm mats on the floors and cheerful kangas on the beds.

House Bodeni uses the shared bathroom like all of the other rooms at Robinson's Place (except the master bedroom). However the shared bathroom is actually better than a lot of en-suite bathrooms in more mid-level accommodation on Zanzibar.

In a stone-and-thatch banda there are two coldwater showers and two toilets (1 European style and 1 squat) and a large open-ended central area with mirrors and sinks. The showers and toilets are all separated by long cream curtains that are pulled across for privacy.

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