Robinson's Place

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is the main room in the Main House at Robinson's Place. It is a huge room decorated with Zanzibari furniture and vases filled with fresh flowers. There is a double bed and a large single bed draped in mosquito netting and a lovely wooden bedside table decorated with hand-painted tiles. You will also find a comfortable lounging chair and a rustic set of shelves made from wood and palm-rope for your clothes.

The room has polished stone floors and white washed walls, but is made bright and full of character with colourful fabrics and African paintings.

Attached and accessed through a separate door to the side of the main house, is the guest bedroom. This is a small but pretty room with two single beds. The close proximity of these two rooms make the Main House perfect for a family with older children.

The master bedroom is the only room at Robinson's Place that has an en-suite bathroom. It is functional, relatively spacious and spotlessly clean, with a shower, toilet and sink.

Generally we advise our travellers to stay in the master bedroom, as it is a lovely room and has the use of a private bathroom.

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