Emerson on Hurumzi


As with the Standard Rooms at Emerson on Hurumzi, the hotel’s three suites – the Zenana Suite, the Keep Suite and the Tour Suite – are large, highly individual and quite spectacular. The Keep Suite and the Tour Suite are located at the top of the building, and each has its own private rooftop terrace where you can relax in privacy while taking in the views.

All three suites are intricately designed with beautiful furniture, lovely stone floors and brightly coloured soft furnishings in perfectly matched individual colour schemes. Unlike many we have seen in Stone Town, the rooms aren't over-the-top and gaudy, but beautifully atmospheric, and the details – such as bed covers matching the lining on the mosquito nets! – make these rooms some of the most beautiful we have seen.

Along with large double beds draped in mosquito netting each suite has comfortable chairs or sofas. Above the wooden shutters are vibrant stained-glass windows and every suite has air-conditioning.

The style follows through to the beautifully crafted en-suite bathrooms, with highly polished stone floors and brightly painted walls. Each has a vast stone bathtub with a showerhead attached, a flush toilet and a sink.

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