Hwange Mobile Camp

Luxury tent

The luxury tents are about 4x7m – and quite a bit larger than the semi-luxury tents. Virtually everyone people can walk into these high tents without stooping, and they have proper twin beds covered in cream coloured bedding. These beds are solid; they're made of metal and don't fold – and they have a proper mattress. (They can be pushed together if a 'double' bed is required.)

An orange throw at the foot of the bed and brown and orange cushions add a splash of colour to the tent. There are two fold-up luggage racks, as well as a hanging rail with a few hangers and fabric shelving for clothing. Next to each bed is a table with a can of insect repellent and a battery operated lamp which is bright enough to read by at night.

Through a zip-opening at the back of the tent is your own en-suite covered bathroom. There is a bucket shower, which the camp team will fill with warm water on request, and a short-drop 'ash toilet' with a proper toilet seat. This basically means you have a proper toilet and seat, but instead of flushing it, you use a small trowel to put ash into the hole after you have used the toilet. This is clean and generally very environmentally-friendly.

A vanity table in the corner has two metal bowls which are filled in the morning with warm water for washing. The camp attendant is able to access the bathroom – to bring hot water and the like – through a zip opening at the back of the tent.

At the front of the tent are two fold-up canvas camp chairs as well as two canvas wash basins, used for washing hands during the day.

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