The Hide

Tented Chalet

Accommodation at The Hide consists of ten A-frame tented chalets which are supported by substantial wooden timber frames and a thatched roof that acts as an outer shell. Hung from this supporting structure is a more traditional style canvas inner shell which has plenty of windows with mesh coverings that provide good views of the surrounding bush. Each window has roll down canvas flaps on the outside which protect against the elements when called for. Four of the chalets have an extra bedroom and the main bedrooms of each are available with double or twin beds.

When we last visited, the interior design of the bedrooms seemed to lack creativity in places, but the chalets are large, spacious and well built. There is a large solid head board which separates the bedroom from an area containing a writing table and some storage racks for luggage. The flooring throughout the chalets is polished concrete; a number of rugs are spread about to give this a softer feel. Each of the chalets have a large fan for keeping cool during warm nights and a tea and coffee station which is kept stocked throughout your stay.

At the front of each chalet is a large veranda which is well decked out with comfortable chairs and a good sized table. The views from each stretch down towards the pan.

To the side of each bedroom there is an en-suite bathroom containing a deep wash basin with hot and cold running water, a flush toilet (in a separate cubicle with a door), an indoor bath and an outdoor shower. The outdoor shower stands surrounded by a canvas wall covered by timber frames for privacy. The floor is concrete and there are a variety of complimentary toiletries provided.

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