Fanjove Private Island Lodge

Fanjove Private Island Lodge

6 bandas
Best for 12 +

Brand new for 2013, Fanjove Private Island Lodge is part of the Songo Songo Archipelago, 140km south of Dar es Salaam, in the Indian Ocean. Less than a kilometre long and with only six bandas, this is one of only two private-island experiences in Tanzania (the other being the very expensive Mnemba Island). The island was previously uninhabited, save for some local fishermen who used it as an occasional fishing base. This is the first time tourists have had the opportunity to stay and explore its beautiful beaches and wildlife.

Our view of Fanjove Lodge

We were incredibly taken by Fanjove's beautiful white beaches, abundance of wildlife and privacy, which is increasingly harder to find on mainland Zanzibar. The lodge is simple, but well done – anything more luxurious would feel completely out of place on the island. Don't come expecting manicured lawns and swimming pools; instead enjoy exploring the rock pools and cliffs exposed at low tide, and watch the birds and crabs rest on the beach when the tide is high. This is a really exciting addition to Tanzania's coastline which allows guests to have a relaxing private-island experience, without the hefty price-tag that usually accompanies such an experience.

Video of Fanjove Private Island Lodge

Video about the brand new Fanjove Private Island Lodge.
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