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Travel reviews by Mr and Mrs B from Gloucestershire

Overall feedback

On this trip, I visited Zambia between 21-Sep-2009 and 6-Oct-2009 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Norman Carr Safaris were excellent - facilities and food first rate. They are however overprotective of guests and , if you have done any independent self drive and camping, their safety precautions are OTT and risk spoiling the experience. So be beware.

For first timers they would be great. The walking was really good and our guides were generally excellent. The ZAWA scouts did a great job.

N Luangwa was really relaxed and more of a wilderness experience. Highly recommended.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Kapani Lodge, Zambia
22-Sep-2009 review: Good introduction to the area and wildlife.
Luwi Bushcamp, Zambia
24-Sep-2009 review: Cotton wool at Luwi
Nsolo Bushcamp, Zambia
26-Sep-2009 review: Looking up.
Kakuli Bushcamp, Zambia
28-Sep-2009 review: Great location, over-protective.
Mchenja Bushcamp, Zambia
30-Sep-2009 review: Luxury in the bush
Mwaleshi Camp, Zambia
2-Oct-2009 review: Mwaleshi Camp review
Pioneer Camp, Zambia
5-Oct-2009 review: Pioneer Camp review