Private Mobile Camp

Standard Tent

Accommodation at each mobile camp is in walk-in 5m x 3m dome tents which is sub-divided into two smaller sections. The sleeping space, with comfortable camp stretcher-beds (solid in structure, not saggy canvas!), proper mattresses, bed linen, duvets, towels and a small side table with a reading lamp; and a smaller area behind this with a chemical loo (for night time emergencies only) and a table. Note that the tent is open plan so there is no privacy when using the chemical toilet. Private hand basins, a small table and shaving mirrors are set up outside each tent, along with chairs to relax in. You are also provided with insect spray, Peaceful Sleep (insect repellent) and tissues.

There is a separate enclosure with a bucket shower that is filled with water at your chosen temperature when it is needed, and another enclosure with a long drop toilet (but a proper loo seat for comfort). Soap and shower gel is provided in the shower, but you will need to take all other toiletries.

For temperature control in the tents you rely on the breeze! As the tents are set up in the shade of tall trees, they do not get too hot. We have found this to be the case, even in October, when temperatures soar.

There are no mosquito nets but the tents are insect-proofed having mesh windows and doors, and you are provided with insect killer and insect repellent inside your tents, so as long as you are careful to keep the zips shut, you'll be fine!