Wellbeing in Africa

Wellbeing in Africa

We think of 'wellbeing escapes' as trips which will help you relax and unwind; ones that give you the opportunity to get back in touch with nature and your inner self; journeys that are restorative, rejuvenating and deeply 'good for your soul'. Based on this description, most of the more remote places described in these pages qualify as 'wellbeing escapes'.

Head off on a walking safari: you'll concentrate on the natural world around you, gradually getting more in touch with it, and contemplating your place within it. Spend a few nights beside a camp fire, listening only to the noises of Africa: it'll put everything back into perspective. Look up at the clear, star-studded night sky in the solitude of the Namib Desert: you'll soon appreciate where your life fits into the great universe.

What's more – escaping to Africa will bring an income to some of the continent's poorer, more rural communities; so your escape adds to their wellbeing, as well as your own.

Of course, if you like the idea of conventional spa, massage and beauty treatments – then we also offer a handful of those. In the Indian Ocean, these are often Asian influenced, with highly professional Thai and Balinese masseuses in residence. On continental Africa, although more lodges are starting to offer therapies, spas tend to be simpler; we've visited some that claim to have 'spa' facilities only to find a single massage table!

Follow the links below to look at some of the best, country-by-county – and then call us to talk to us about what you’re looking for, and we can advise you more personally.

Wellbeing in Botswana

Wellbeing in BotswanaIdeas for wellbeing in Botswana

Wellbeing in Mozambique

Wellbeing in MozambiqueIdeas for wellbeing in Mozambique

Wellbeing in Namibia

Wellbeing in NamibiaIdeas for wellbeing in Namibia

Wellbeing in Seychelles

Wellbeing in SeychellesIdeas for wellbeing in Seychelles

Wellbeing in South Africa

Wellbeing in South AfricaIdeas for wellbeing in South Africa

Wellbeing in Tanzania

Wellbeing in Tanzania

After an exciting day on a Tanzania safari, you might want to return to the lodge and pamper yourself a little. Or perhaps you're looking for a beach lodge where you can relax and indulge yourself with spa treatments. Tanzania has resorts and hotels where this is possible, some with specific spas and spa packages, others promote a sense of wellbeing just from the ethos and atmosphere of the lodge. Click below to read more; or for Zanzibar see Wellbeing in Zanzibar.

Ideas for wellbeing in Tanzania

Wellbeing in Zanzibar

Wellbeing in ZanzibarIdeas for wellbeing in Zanzibar