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Suyan Camp: Our full report

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1st June to 31st March

Please note: Suyan Camp is not currently open and we are not sure when, or indeed if this will change. Please ask us for the latest on this camp.

Suyan Camp, like its sister Olakira Camp in the Serengeti, is a semi-permanent tented camp that moves between two locations during the year.

From December through to March, Suyan Camp is in southern Loliondo in an area called Piaya. This is a great base to access the migration when it is passing through southern Loliondo, and on the southern plains. Piaya is also famed for the local population of wild dog that are frequently seen in the area during these months.

Then from June until November, Suyan Camp is in the north of Loliondo, near Olosokwan. It's a base from which you can explore the northern Serengeti, as well as enjoying the walks and cultural activitires that are possible in Loliondo. Then from October through to November, it is ideally located to catch the migration heading south. (

For an idea of where the migration is and when, see our moving migration map.

Even aside from the migration, Suyan Camp is well worth visiting throughout the year as the activities you can do in Loliondo Game Controlled Area are much more varied than those possible within the national park. Whilst based at Suyan you can go out on night drives, walking safari, fly-camping and also visit local Maasai communities. There is resident game here throughout the year, regardless of the migration.

Suyan Camp is a very comfortable and stylish tented camp – the main area is one large mess tent which has totally open sides and is stylishly decorated. Makuti mats cover the floors, a carved wooden lamp stands in the corner and natural items from the bush are dotted around. The mess tent has a very natural style, yet the leather chair adds a colonial edge. It is a great mix that works well with its surroundings and helps to create an old-fashioned safari atmosphere.

The dining area is one large communal table, with smart directors' chairs in a beautiful dark wood. Dining here is like a dinner party: guests generally eat together – especially in the evenings – although breakfast and lunch have flexible timings so guests can come to the table when they please. There will always be a waiter on hand to help you to a drink of your choice from the well-stocked liqueur cabinet .

The lounge area is a comfortable spot, with a sofa, a leather armchair and even a small library; they have done a really good job of making an open-sided area feel cosy and welcoming. On the coffee table sit a number of wildlife and bird books, whilst the library has books on culture and history.

In front of the mess tent is a fireplace which comes to life at night; it's a magical place to sit and have a drink before dinner.

The camp also has a fantastic telescope, which when we were last there the camp manager was using to show the guests various constellations. It’s amazing how clear the night sky is in Africa!

The bedrooms at Suyan Camp are vast, with a relaxing lounge area, a bedroom and an ensuite as well. The tents are very comfortable and they are spread quite far apart so really private as well. We loved relaxing on the sofa in the lounging area during the heat of the day – just reading a book. (Read more about the rooms at Suyan...)

The food and service at Suyan Camp was of a very high quality when we last visited. The team here are wonderfully friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. On our first evening we were treated to a sundowner drink at the top of a hill, looking back down into the Serengeti. Then the meals were always very tasty and the menus were varied. Expect a high standard of international cuisine.

We really enjoyed our stay at Suyan Camp when we were last there, and felt that the atmosphere of the camp was great. We also liked its natural feel – Suyan was nestled so carefully into the bush; it was almost invisible the moment you were outside it. Suyan is a traditional safari camp, reminiscent of the safari days of old – yet it is very comfortable and also has a stylish edge. It is a complementary mix that we think works very well.


Location: Serengeti Migration Area, Tanzania

Ideal length of stay: It is worth spending at least three nights at Suyan Camp, so that you are able to try all of the activities on offer and explore the area properly. You can also use the camp as a base to explore into the Serengeti, so if you like the idea of spending more time in fewer places perhaps stay here for as long as five nights.

Directions: When Suyan Camp is based at Piaya, the nearest airstrip is Ndutu which is 3 hours' drive away. You could also drive to Suyan Camp with a private vehicle and guide – this would take around 4 hours from Ngorongoro Crater. When Suyan is based in northern Loliondo, near Olosokwan, the nearest airstrip is Kleins Airstrip, which is a 45-minute drive from camp. You could also drive between Suyan and Arusha – but you would need an over-night stop in the southern Serengeti to break your journey.

Accessible by: Fly-and-Transfer

Food & drink

Usual board basis: Full Board

Food quality: The food at Suyan Camp was really tasty and certainly up there with some of the best we have had in Tanzania.

Breakfast is a very relaxed affair and the timings are flexible. You can either have breakfast before your game drive, or head straight out in the early morning and come back for a slightly later breakfast.

There is usually a varied spread of fruit, cereals, fresh bread, toast, yogurt and cold ham. Then you can also have a cooked breakfast, with sausages, bacon, toast and eggs of your choice.

Lunch is also very flexible - you can chose to take a packed lunch and head out on an all day safari, or return to the camp for lunch between a morning and an afternoon drive. If you return to camp, lunch is often a buffet of cold salads, meats, pasta salads and light curries. There is always a tasty vegetarian option.

Dinner is then like a dinner party, with all of the guests sitting together at one large table. There are three set courses, all of which are really tasty. When we were there, we had pâté and melba toast to start, then a succulent beef casserole and vegetables for the main course, whilst desert was a light fruit salad. After dinner, we were all offered coffee and an aperitif.

Dining style: Group Meals

Dining locations: Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Cost of meal e.g. lunch: Included

Drinks included: Drinks are included, except for champagne and premium imported wines and spirits.

Further dining info: Room service is available, but there are no phones in the rooms so you would have to arrange it in advance

Special interests

Wildlife safaris: Suyan Camp moves seasonally between two different areas in the Serengeti, to optimize its location for the wildebeest migration. Speak to us about the best times to visit this camp, to catch this fantastic spectacle. Note that night drives are allowed here when they are not allowed in the national park.

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Attitude towards children: Children are welcome at Suyan Camp

Property’s age restrictions: There are no age restrictions at Suyan Camp

Equipment: The camp can arrange for a cot with some notice


Communications: There is internet and a satellite phone for camp use – which can also be used by guests in emergencies.

TV & radio: This camp is in the middle of the bush – there is no TV here

Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Medical care: There are staff who are first-aid trained here, and there is a first aid box in camp. Suyan has links to flying-doctors for serious cases.

Dangerous animals: High Risk

Security measures: There are 5 Maasai 'askaris' (guards) at the camp who will escort you to and from your tent at night (watching out for the wildlife). There is a safe in every room for valuables.

Fire safety: There are fire extinguishers and fire blankets at Suyan Camp, and staff are trained to use them.


Disabled access: Not Possible

Laundry facilities: Laundry is included – it is hand washed and coal ironed.

Money: Suyan Camp cannot offer any form of currency exchange.

Accepted payment on location: You can settle any bills at the camp using US dollars and Tanzanian Shillings in cash. You can also use traveller's cheques in US dollars – there is no charge for this. Suyan Camp cannot take credit cards.