Kirawira Camp

Kirawira Camp

25 tented rooms
All year

Open since 1998, Kirawira Camp is part of the East African chain of Serena Hotels. It is the smartest and smallest of their properties in northern Tanzania and is designed to be a high-end, colonial-style tented camp.

Our view of Kirawira Camp

Kirawira Camp is reminiscent of the early colonial days of the explorers, with an antique style and standards of service which are very good. However as well as having 'old-world' décor by design, it also looks a little old and tired; visiting in June 2008, we felt that Kirawira had missed the 'classic safari' look that other camps have achieved so well. When we visited again in May 2011 we noted that renovations and improvements were underway, but these were being done bit by bit and that much of the antique style furniture remained the same. Although Kirawira is a relatively small tented property, it hasn't managed to shake off the hotel nature of the 'Serena' chain – and this showed itself in the atmosphere which was quite stiff and formal even though the staff were friendly.

Rooms at Kirawira Camp

Kirawira Tent

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