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Paying your balance

Paying your balance

How to pay your balance

This page explains how to pay the balance for your holiday. If you want information about how to pay the initial deposit for your holiday, see the separate ‘Pay your deposit’ page.

You already have a booking, so you will already have agreed a currency for your payments in either:
  • UK Pounds (GBP£),
  • US Dollars (US$),
  • Euros (€), or
  • South African Rand (ZAR).
We only accept balance payments by direct bank transfer. We have accounts which accept these four currencies in London and New York – and online banking generally makes these transfers very easy.

To find our Bank details, use the ‘Log in’ link in the top-right corner of our website to access the private pages of your Expert Africa website account. Once you have signed in, click ‘Balance payment’, and follow the steps to access a download of the details. Bank charges are usually minimal.

Occasionally we’re asked to accept a personal cheque in UK Pounds drawn from a UK bank account. We can accept these without surcharges, but please allow at least five working days for the cheque to clear.

NB:Always double-check our payment details before using them: please phone a member of the Expert Africa team member whom you know and check the account details personally with them.

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