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This map splits the Seychelles archipelago into eight main areas: the coralline Bird and Denis islands, plus five of the granitic Inner Islands – and far off in the southwest, Desroches Island as part of the Amirantes Group. Read about them by clicking on the blue bubbles, then click on the picture and zoom in for more detailed maps of the islands, showing the precise locations of hotels, guest houses and beaches.

Beside this, we have a set of nine reference maps of the Seychelles, which are very precise and detailed. Click here for a main reference map of the Seychelles.

Things to see on this Seychelles map

Lying about 1,500km east of mainland Africa, Seychelles is a truly idyllic archipelago. With Zanzibar to the west, Mauritius and Réunion to the south, and the Maldives to the northeast, its 155 picture-perfect islands lie at the heart of the sparkling Indian Ocean.The distances from the main island of Mahé to the atolls of the Outer Islands range from 230km to 1,150km.

To dig deeper for much closer views of the various islands and beach areas, click onto any of the markers. Then follow the links inside the bubbles, for maps of these areas with precise locations for the various resorts and hotels.

Navigating around this Seychelles map

Drag-and-drop the sliding marker along the vertical scale to zoom the map in (+) and out (-). Move the mouse over the pins to see lodge names. Click on a blue lodge pin to open a bubble with more information. In the bubble, click on the lodge name to read more information about the lodge. Brown pins indicate points of interest, while black pins show important villages and towns. You can also use the left menu at the top to link to other satellite images.

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