Honeymoons in Seychelles

Best beach lodges for honeymoons in the Seychelles

Small private islands; secluded, palm-fringed beaches; luxurious beach retreats; lavish honeymoon suites; candlelight dinners on the white sands - if this sounds like your idea of a perfect romantic break, consider a Seychelles' honeymoon. The setting is stunningly dreamy, and the tropical islands idyllic, making your honeymoon to the Seychelles unforgettable!

The best time to visit the Seychelles is from May to October, but within this the driest months are July and August. However, this is very much a tropical climate so expect humidity and chances of rain year round.

Honeymoons to the Seychelles are very high on our list of favourite destinations, and we've carefully selected the crème de la crème of romantic hideaways.

Our top 6 places for a perfect Seychelles honeymoon