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Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences
Cultural experiences

Visit a traditional Maasai Manyatta homestead in Kenya

Exploring the Makgadikgadi Pans with the San in Botswana

The Himba are indigenous people living in northern Namibia's Kaokoland

Ride camels with the Samburu in central Kenya

Take a walk with the San Bushmen in Botswana's Kalahari Desert

Mozambique's Swahili coast has a rich culture to discover

Cultural experiences

Responsible and authentic insights

The idea of an African ‘cultural experience’ sometimes makes us cringe. It brings to mind superficial tribal dancing and local people portrayed demeaning, stereotypical roles for tourists to take photos of. Rest assured: this is absolutely not what we offer.

Looking through our website’s pages you'll find very, very few places where we write of traditional cultural experiences. That's because we simply do not send visitors to interact with local people who live in Africa's more fragile, original cultures unless we can be sure that it will be beneficial to both our visitors and their hosts.

Fortunately, there are a few places like this where you can meet individuals living traditional lives – and the meeting leaves you with a mutual understanding and respect.

Our top trips with a cultural focus

Ask us about responsible and ethical cultural experiences in Africa.

Matemwe Lodge

Matemwe Lodge sits at the north end of Matemwe village, it has close connections with the area and supports a number of community projects.Take a guided walk to visit the fish markets, explore the streets and try octopus curry at a local restaurant.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel

Zanzibar Palace Hotel is a characterful property with beautiful rooms and antique furniture. It is located in the heart of Sone Town from where you can easily go on a guided tour to explore the old town and discover Zanzibar's history and culture.

Kaya Mawa

Likoma Island is home to local villages as well as the lodge. Village tours with a guide can be arranged, or you just set off on foot or bike by yourselves. The community involvement is excellent – Katundu Textiles, started by Kaya Mawa, employs many local people.

Sabyinyo Silverback

Sabyinyo is owned by a community trust (SACOLA), with a portion of the profits being fed back into community projects such as vegetable gardens, farms and beehives. The lodge has close links with the local village and guided walks can easily be arranged.

Mountain Gorilla View

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge has strong ties with the surrounding communities and supports a local 'Intore' dance troop who perform at the lodge each afternoon. The word 'Intore' means warrior and bands of sisal on headbands portray dancers as fearsome lions.

Camp Kalahari

Camp Kalahari offers a fascinating and authentic walk with Bushmen, which we consider to be one of the best cultural experiences in Botswana. You'll go out with Bushmen guides, looking at the surrounding flora and fauna, and hearing about their traditional culture.

Khwai Lediba

Guests at Khwai Tented Camp who would like to experience a bit of Botswana culture may visit the nearby Khwai Village. This is an ordinary village, many of whose inhabitants are from the Bayei group, sometimes referred to as river Bushmen. A visit could well add a social perspective to your safari, but we stress that it's not a “tourist attraction”.

Machaba Camp

Machaba can arrange excursions to meet local villagers, so you can see what life is like in this fairly remote corner of Africa. This takes time, but can be fascinating and always varies depending on what's happening in the village when you visit.

Il Ngwesi Eco-Lodge

Owned, managed and staffed by the Il Ngwesi Maasai community, this lodge in the remote bush of eastern Laikipia is one of Kenya’s best bases for a deeper cultural immersion than simply visiting a local village or compound.

Selenkay Adventure

Selenkay offers unique interaction with the Maasai warriors who staff the camp. The camp’s sincere involvement with the local community, providing employment and funds, creates a truly authentic relationship that is evident throughout your stay.

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Chilo Gorge does a great amount for its local community. It has very close ties with the Shangaan village of Mahenye, and can organise trips here. It’s a real insight into an authentic Zimbabwean village, and a very interesting experience.

Matemwe Lodge

Matemwe Lodge sits at the north end of Matemwe village, it has close connections with the area and supports a number of community projects.Take a guided walk to visit the fish markets, explore the streets and try octopus curry at a local restaurant.

Chole Mjini

Chole Mjini was built to benefit its local community, with local people helping to build the lodge. It is a great place to visit if you value being able to interact with village life. Don't miss the walking tour of the village.

African holidays with a cultural focus

Browse trip ideas by country.

Cultural experiences in Botswana


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Cultural experiences in Kenya


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Cultural experiences in Malawi


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Cultural experiences in Mozambique


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Cultural experiences in Namibia


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Cultural experiences in Rwanda


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Cultural experiences in Tanzania


Tanzania offers many contrasting African cultural experiences. With a population of around 50 million, ...

Cultural experiences in Zambia


Zambia's safari camps are notable for their small scale and often excellent community ties, leading ...

Cultural experiences in Zanzibar


Simply staying on Zanzibar is a cultural experience in itself. The exotic, vibrant atmosphere of ...

Cultural experiences in Zimbabwe


Despite its troubled recent history, Zimbabwe is a vibrant and beautiful country, with some excellent ...

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