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Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique
Cultural experiences in Mozambique

Cultural experiences in Mozambique

Incredible cultural experiences in Mozambique

Mozambique can offer really unique African cultural experiences - which have their roots in its Bantu and Swahili history, overlaid with Portuguese colonial rule and more recently its struggles for independence. All this has left a lively arts culture including exotic cuisine, and music and dancing with a vibrant Latin edge.

For those interested in history, we'd single out the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilha de Mozambique as a fascinating destination - worthy of a visit even if you don't choose to stay here. This fortified city was once a Portuguese strong hold, and the stone town boasts amazing architecture, including churches, a museum and several colonial buildings.

Many lodges in Mozambique place emphasis on sustainable tourism and community involvement. This, in turn, offers the chance to visit communities and villages where you'll experience a warm welcome, learn about the culture and lifestyle, and be able to meet and interact with local people.

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